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Case Studies

We provide comprehensive financial services to residents of Montgomery County,

Bucks County, Southeastern Pennsylvania, Delaware, South Jersey, New York, Philadelphia, Jenkintown, Abington, Rydal, Doylestown, Gwynedd Valley, Ocean City, New Jersey, and Avalon, New Jersey, and surrounding areas. Here are some examples of the services we offer:

Gaining Clarity, Earning Trust

Steve, a senior executive, and his wife, Elizabeth, came to us with concerns about the organization and direction of their financial affairs. They had relocated across the country multiple times, moves driven by Steve’s career advancements. As a result, the couple had multiple financial advisors and consultants with various strategies and recommendations that created an awareness of the possibility that the professionals might be working at cross-purposes. The couple also wanted to know whether these advisors appeared to be rendering guidance with their best interests in mind.

Steve and Elizabeth needed unbiased guidance. They wanted counsel from an independent firm, secure in the knowledge that they would not be simply redirected towards the purchase of new products and services driven by a sales process. Gibraltar became the couple’s advocate, serving as an intermediary between Steve and Elizabeth and the independent money managers and other financial services vendors without compensation from the service providers.

As a trusted third party evaluating family matters, we advised Steve that he needed to implement estate planning strategies to plan for the transition of wealth in the future. Estate planning became an important component of the extended services we provided Steve and his family.

Helping a Widow Take Charge

Jill, 58, lost her husband, Ron, after a three-year illness. Since he had handled the couple’s financial affairs, she was not completely familiar with the investment holdings or the strategy her husband had embraced on their behalf.

Even though she had anticipated her husband’s passing, Jill was not prepared for the responsibility of supervising the household wealth. Unsettled by the need to make decisions about matters that for years had been addressed by her spouse, she turned to Gibraltar for guidance. Making judgments and decisions seemed complicated and exhausting for Jill, but we were able to bring elements of simplicity and order to evaluating financial issues.

Since Jill was not working and did not have a separate source of income, our first step was to examine alternative investment strategies. The top priority was ensuring that Jill would remain financially secure as she aged. We evaluated a variety of issues and crafted a wealth management plan based on her needs and goals.

Couple Starting Out Gets Solid Advice

A young professional couple, Jeff and Lisa, had an expanding family and needed guidance on financial issues. While they had not compiled an abundance of wealth, their earnings were significant.

First we encouraged them to set up a budget and develop the discipline of saving regularly in order to assure their future financial flexibility. Together we decided to prioritize saving for the education of their children, based on the size of their family and the rising cost of education.

While retirement planning was not emphasized at this early point in their careers, we did counsel Jeff and Lisa on the benefits of accumulation and compounding returns. They understand the importance of saving now for a comfortable and secure future.

Making the Transition to Senior Care

Tom was a retired senior living in a single-family home. His successful career as a physician together with our wealth management assistance had allowed him to prepare financially for a retirement full of travel and leisure. However, as time passed, the responsibilities of maintaining the home and addressing the issues of aging became overwhelming. With no family close by, Tom needed help and turned to Gibraltar for assistance in making some very difficult decisions.

It was apparent that Tom’s health and well being could no longer be addressed effectively while he lived in the house. He was open to the idea of transitioning to a different living environment, and he needed guidance regarding what type of facility would be most appropriate for his needs and best suited to his financial situation.

We helped Tom locate and move into a beautiful retirement community. His new living arrangement has been a good fit, providing Tom with relief from the worries of maintaining a home, assistance with issues of aging and health, and a refreshing lifestyle change.